Resilience – A Magical Key to Unlock Our Superpowers

We are all currently going through trauma and sorrow, and we are all feeling down, crushed, or stretched in a variety of different ways. In essence, 57 percent of Americans who were surveyed believed they had a lot of mental and psychological resilience, compared to 83 percent who incorrectly believed they did. Due to the ongoing health and economic crises around the world, a lot of people feel upset, confused, angry, and worried. Let me start by saying that it is acceptable to experience tension and anxiety. The uncertainty that has never before existed confronts us. Fear and worry are the mind’s normal responses to uncertainty, therefore the feelings merely reflect that.

Even if it could first appear that things are getting worse, in the long run, there might be a lot of advantages for the greater good. Recognize that everything that occurs is simply forcing us to develop and progress. In these trying times, let’s offer wisdom and positivity. Unexpected developments herald a fresh start and the end of old practices. Anyone can learn resilience with 100% surety. Keep in mind that when a few years have passed, we will remark on how much we have changed and matured.

Resilience: What Is It?

It is the capacity to “bounce back” from straining situations, trauma, problems, and catastrophes while maintaining a sense of purpose in life. Additionally, it has the ability to recover its original shape after falling down. Each person’s capacity and ability to handle stress vary. Resilience is the ability to overcome one’s constraints.

What Does “Bounce Back” Mean?

“The thing that doesn’t break us just strengthens us,” The appeal of resiliency is that As soon as we reach the absolute bottom, there is no way out and there is no way to descend anymore. All of us should think. Have you ever wondered what your life might be like if the ideas we are aware of were to become reality? The difficulty is not what gets in the way. We frequently push back against obstacles in our path. Life is filled with various difficulties that make us stronger on the other side. In life, we must all confront fear, problems, suffering, and hardships. However, we can consciously decide to act in a manner that is strongly consistent with our underlying values. We can decide not to give up, to find our inner power, and to fight back.

The most potent resource we all have under our control right now is our viewpoint. Sometimes adversity is exactly what we need in life to succeed. We all go through certain stages in life; difficulty is a necessary component of the journey. The keys to overcoming adversity, hurdles, and problems that life presents are to take accountability and muster the strength to remain consistent each and every time, in every scenario and condition.

It’s not just about overcoming; it’s also about striving to be older, wiser, more modest, grounded, and compassionate, and it’s always about having faith in our ability to succeed. We are here to thrive, and in order to do so, we must be open to challenging the voice within our heads, the so-called “Inner Critic,” which demoralizes us and makes us feel doubtful, ashamed, guilty, worried, angry, etc. When there is a strong inclination to give up, give in to disappointment, or give in to overwhelm, we must dig deep and ponder. Pose a question to yourself. What have I learned? How would it aid my development? You will reflect back and see that even in the face of difficulties, you clung to patience, hope, and trust. We are entitled to continue developing, expanding, and creating as we wait.

During this process, we realize that we have been socially trained to hide, run away, or go back to our normal routines when we feel uneasy or uncomfortable. We are taught to only know how to fight, freeze, or flea. There is an additional “F,” though, which means to face or fight back with dignity and fortitude, tenacity, and heroism. All of us already have the ability to build resilience; we have just been feeding our fear-based training and ignoring the amazing coping mechanism that is Awareness and Choice. We have the option of choosing to overcome adversity and hardship.

15 Ways to Boost Increase Resilience

The only way to deliberately build up and enhance our resilience is to:
1. Recognize and embrace discomfort as a tool for growth and learning
2. Accept and anticipate change
3. Maintain your focus and practice mindfulness
4. Establish strong social networks
5. Be grateful for and savor life’s little things
6. Set modest goals for yourself and position yourself for success
7. Respect your path
8. Make a gratitude list
9. Remind yourself to slow down and “breathe.”
10. Maintain your optimism
11. Be present with your feelings
12. Keep a journal to organize your thoughts and process negative emotions
13. Be confident in yourself
14. Seek internal confirmation
15. Show yourself some love

Building and Sustaining Resilience”

1) What do you hope to become as a result of this?
2) Can you maintain composure under pressure?
3) How can you continue to grow, recover, and evolve?
4) Do you have the ability to effortlessly enter the present moment?
5) What do you require to feel balanced, think clearly, and act wisely?
6) What works well and what could be improved?

How Can Our Courses Help You Build Resilience?

Living involves facing the dark moments and then rising to your feet. Keep in mind that we make our reality. A crisis or a disease will come and go. It is up to us how we handle this and adapt. Spend this time getting to know yourself thoroughly. We will react to change more effectively the more we comprehend who we are. Recognize that we are growing and will keep expanding. Understand the power of the universe and trust the process.

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